A Journey With Endless Adventure

Unravel the story of Cinderstone Online, a cute and colorful MMORPG by protecting the world from the rivalry gods wanting their stolen lands back. Climb your way for glory, from farming, trading, conquering and becoming the ruler of a region. Join friends and be the leader of a great guild. Explore and find new locations filled with rewarding loot and mysteries to uncover.

It’s time to explore a fantastical and immense world. Here, you’ll start your journey from Cinderstone, a cozy medieval town right in the middle of the continent. From there, you’ll move onto Anwyn – a mystical place with floating islands. If you’re up to it, check out the magical forests of Will-o-Wisp and discover ancient ruins from other worlds and other discoveries that lurk inside! Get ready to take a deep dive into this gigantic continent with thousands of other online players, here to support you across your endeavors. Be the first to discover new areas and share your discoveries with your friends.

Just like the epic mythic tales of old folklore, you’ll be able to experience the same in this new, exciting adventure. It starts as a small farmer who must embark on a journey to become the ultimate hero that everyone is counting on. When powerful evil gods suddenly appear from a parallel universe – only you, the hero, can defeat them! The question is – will you be the one who saves the people and brings peace back? Only time will tell. Defeating the Gods and sending them back to where they came from won’t be easy – you’ll need all the help you can get. 

Get ready to be brought into a world that needs your help, with dynamic quest lines that will send you on one epic adventure. The opportunities are endless, where you can go on missions with thousands of other players to save the world, defend cities from mighty monsters, help build merchant nodes by collecting and donating materials, save NPCs who are in great danger, and so much more. Only by working together with other players can your adventure be victorious with glorious rewards waiting for you at the end!

The best part is there’s always new things to do in Cinderstone Online. No session will ever be the same, with a vibrant world that changes based on players’ actions.

Your house is your sanctuary – a place you need all the recovery you can get before returning to the world of adventure. That’s why we’re giving total customization of where you want your house located (by the sea, in the mountains, in the city) and how you want to build it (exterior or interior) – the choice is yours! If you feel like an experienced farmer, try growing a vegetable garden that can be sold for money to buy new armor, weapons or items to decorate your home. Alternatively, use your harvest to craft magic potions, food, and other inventory that will be key to take on your next voyage!

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a conqueror, a king, or a leader of a great guild? You’ll be happy to know that the lands of Cinderstone are thriving with castles that have yet to be conquered. Do so by leading your guild to glory by taking control of giant castles, then turn it into your own living-breathing territory with taxes, buffs, and upgrades for the city or outposts. Based on your actions, the people will love you or hate you for the tyrant you can become. Just remember – don’t make too many enemies, otherwise other guilds are going to come knock down your walls and conquer your territory for themselves.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of roles, each having a direct impact on the way you play the game. The roles you can choose from are plenty, with the main ones being a trader, a guardian, or a thief. As you journey across distant lands and travel from city to city with your wagon, you can buy crops from other players or sell the fruits of your garden. But be careful – the more valuable goods you bring, the harder your journey will be, with thieves on the lookout to steal anything they can get their hands on. 

Other players can turn into thieves as well, waiting to attack and steal your precious cargo, then selling it on the black market. That’s why it’s always best if you leave with a big load, you’ll want to seek outside help from other “guardian” players who will protect you at all costs, as long as they get a percentage of your sales. This is one example of many of just how dynamic and exciting the Cinderstone Online universe can be. 

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