Embark on an Epic Adventure in Cinderstone Online
Experience a captivating tale in a vibrant and charming MMORPG, where you protect the world from vengeful gods seeking to reclaim their lost realms. Forge your path to glory through farming, trading, conquering territories, and ruling regions. Team up with friends, lead a powerful guild, and delve into mysterious locations filled with epic loot and secrets to uncover.
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Cinderstone Online is Now Live on Steam – Early Access Begins!
Cinderstone Online is Now Live on Steam – Early Access Begins! Hello Adventurers, We’ve got some exciting news – Cinderstone Online is now live on Steam! We are truly grateful for your patience and support during this journey and are thrilled to announce that we’ve finally reached this milestone. The feedback and suggestions from our...
Master The Economy With New Merchant Quests And Player Orders System
Introducing Dynamic Trading We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming update to Cinderstone Online, featuring a new dynamic trading system. Our aim is to create a more immersive and realistic in-game economy. Now, supply and demand factors determine the prices of items within each node. Every week, the system recalculates item prices, providing a more balanced...
The Great Lizardmarch Takes Over Cinderstone!
It’s a day that only comes once a year – the first day of spring, when the Lizardfolk tribes of Cinderstone gather to celebrate the rebirth of the land. As a sign of their reverence for nature, they adorn themselves with the heads and tails of their reptilian kin, in a ritual known as the...
Get Exclusive Rewards with Founder's Packs

Founder's Packs offer a unique opportunity for players and developers to collaborate in bringing Cinderstone Online to life, while enjoying exclusive benefits and bonuses.

  • Support the game’s development – Proceeds from Founder’s Packs directly fund the game’s development, enhancing the quality of the final product.
  • Receive exclusive in-game items – Show off your support with unique items and stand out from the crowd in the world of Cinderstone Online.
  • Access closed betas and test new features – Be among the first to try out new game mechanics, provide valuable feedback, and shape the game’s future.
  • Join a passionate community – Connect with other dedicated players and share your enthusiasm for Cinderstone Online.
Experience the Magic of Cinderstone Online

Get a glimpse of the enchanting world and thrilling gameplay in our official gameplay trailer.

Discover Your Path with Exciting Classes

Embark on your Cinderstone Online adventure by selecting one of three diverse starting classes, each offering unique abilities and gameplay styles.

  • Mage: Unleash devastating spells and control the forces of nature to obliterate your enemies and aid your allies.
  • Warrior: Stand strong in the heat of battle, wielding mighty weapons and harnessing unmatched resilience to protect your comrades.
  • Rogue: Strike from the shadows, utilizing stealth and cunning to outmaneuver foes and deliver swift, lethal blows.
The Harkonien uses sorcery and trades their life for Harkon knowledge. Receives soul tokens which can be stacked after each kill. Harkonien uses the souls to increase their power.
The Paladin is great for protecting the party as a tank, and can also cast healing for the party.
The Arbalist has a powerful range attack, but reloads slow and needs a reload token.
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