📣 Patch 0.219 is now live for Cinderstone Online!

Hello, brave adventurers!

We’re super excited to announce that Patch 0.219 has just landed! We’ve been hard at work making a number of fixes and improvements, all thanks to your invaluable feedback. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Fixed City lava dungeon solo mode 🌋: Going solo? We’ve got you covered!
  • Fixed armors and weapons not dropping from monsters 🛡️⚔️: Your rightful loot is back!
  • Worked on the guild vault and guild vault node 🏦.
  • Sorted out enchantment VFX on swords 💫.
  • Possible fix to enchantment not increasing damage 💪.
  • Temporarily capped FPS at 60 🖥️: This is to reduce GPU load. Expect an unlimited FPS slider in the future.
  • Made adjustments to the weekly global node quest reward 🏆.
  • Fixed ranking on weekly global node reward 🥇.
  • Slightly relocated the Copper node in Wellington 🗺️.
  • Fixed node experience 💡.
  • Added rankings for node progress 📊.
  • Worked on a fix for fireball not counting towards quest kill 🔥.

Your feedback is the wind in our sails, so don’t stop sharing your thoughts on these updates. We’re committed to making Cinderstone Online the best MMORPG it can be.

Happy adventuring, folks! 🏰🐉🔮

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