Greetings Adventurer,

today we will talk about why you should own a castle in Fioresia Online and what you can do with a castle.
First, in Fioresia Online there are 4 cities and 1 capital city. Every city and capital has one castle. You can become the lord of a castle when you win a siege. Every castle owner can manage nodes that are in his territory.



For unlocking the features you have to level up the castle. When you first conquer the castle it will be reset to level 0. There are a total of 4 different levels.
For unlocking all levels you need to kill a special boss for every level you want to unlock. Castle bosses are hidden behind a gate you can find at the castle basement. All gates are locked. To open a gate you need to gather different items the game will ask you.
The first boss is a boss level 10 and 10 guild members are recommended to kill him.
Level 2 castle: Boss level 20 – 20 guild members are recommended.
Level 3 castle: Boss level 30 – 30 guild members are recommended.
Level 4 castle: Boss level 40 – 40 guild members are recommended.

Main features:

Level 1 castle

  • Collecting taxes from the main city – 5%
  • Skill to teleport inside the castle
  • General merchant NPC with special level 10 items for guild members
  • 5 NPC guards level 10
  • Special buffs level 10 for guild members


Level 2 castle

  • Warehouse Keeper
  • Custom guild logo on flags inside the castle
  • Node management
  • Better gates
  • General merchant will sell now special level 20 items
  • 10 NPC guards level 20
  • manage taxes from the main city (max 20%)
  • Special buffs level 20  for guild members


Level 3 castle

  • Blacksmith for guild members
  • Custom guild logo inside the city
  • Teleport manager
  • Collecting taxes from nodes – 5%
  • Special buffs level 30 for guild members
  • 15 NPC guards level 30
  • Collect resources from node
  • General merchant will sell now special level 30 items


Level 4 castle

  • Alchemist for guild members
  • Custom guild node in each node
  • Special buffs level 40 for guild members
  • manage taxes from nodes (max 20%)
  • collect resources from node
  • General merchant will sell now special level 40 items
  • Unlock a special 4 player dungeon in the basement
  • 20 NPC guards level 30


What are nodes?

The guild leader that owns the castle has an important role also to manage nodes in his territory. Every castle has to manage 5 different nodes. If nodes are not correctly managed is possible that the castle will not get taxes and/or resources from nodes.

Nodes are pre-set points in the world and have the ability to create routes for caravans, players, and NPC to trade stuff at a higher value and if there is diplomacy with a guild leader that owns another territory it’s possible to connect trade routes with other cities or the capital.


There are 4 different node stages:

  • Stage 0: Empty land
  • Stage 1: Tent
  • Stage 2: Village
  • Stage 3: Town


Each stage will have different structures, NPC, and life. Every node needs to be defended from NPC that randomly attacks the node. If the node is destroyed, players need to level it up again starting from stage 0.
To grow a node, the lord of the castle needs to collect money and resources. Everyone can help with this task but only the lord of the castle can make the final decision of which one to level up and how to connect them. When every node of his territory is at stage 2 he can start to negotiate taxes with another territory and try to connect the routes.
If there is diplomacy with a lord of another castle they can help each other defending nodes, sending resources, or lend money with interests.