Cinderstone Online is Now Live on Steam – Early Access Begins!

Hello Adventurers,

We’ve got some exciting news – Cinderstone Online is now live on Steam!

We are truly grateful for your patience and support during this journey and are thrilled to announce that we’ve finally reached this milestone. The feedback and suggestions from our amazing community have been invaluable, and we’re excited to see you explore the world of Cinderstone!

It’s important to note that this is the Early Access phase of our game. While you’re enjoying the challenges and mysteries of Cinderstone, there might be bugs and some features may not be fully functional. But this is where we need your help! Your bug reports and feedback are essential to our development process, and will greatly assist us in refining and enhancing Cinderstone Online.

We’re committed to keeping you updated and involved in the development process as much as possible. We believe that transparency and communication are vital in creating the best gaming experience. Therefore, we’ll be as active as we can, listening to your suggestions and responding to your queries.

Finally, we want to inform you that there will be a wipe at the end of the Early Access phase, prior to the official launch. This is a standard practice to ensure a fair start for all our players when the final version of the game is released.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support. Embark on your epic journey in Cinderstone Online now!

Happy gaming, everyone!

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