Cinderstone Online Open Beta is coming!

Greetings, Adventurers!
Cinderstone Online Open Beta is almost here! A few words before explaining the details, we’d like to thank everyone in our Closed Beta. We’re grateful for the feedback helping us fix bugs. This is important for us, pushing forward to a more polished experience.

As announced in our Twitch Stream we will open the doors for Open Beta on September 1 at 10:00AM PT (19:00PM CET) and continue until September 8 at 10:00AM PT (19:00PM CET).

How to join the Open-Beta
With Open Beta there will be no Steam keys to redeem. We are using Steam Playtest. Interested players can request access beginning on September 1 at 10:00AM PT (19:00PM CET). To request access, follow these steps:

  • Open Steam
  • Navigate to the Cinderstone Online Steam page
  • Scroll down a bit and you will see “Join the Cinderstone Online Open Beta Playtest”
  • Click “Request Access”
  • When the Open Beta begins on September 1, you will receive an email to whichever email you have tied to your Steam account, letting you know that you can now download and play in the Cinderstone Online Open Beta!

Open-Beta FAQ

How much of the game is available?

  • For the Open Beta, we let you play three maps (Cinderstone City, Highsommer Plains, Willowisp), two dungeons and one castle to conquer.
  • Max level will be 20
  • Caravan system with PvP (Merchants and Thieves)
  • Gathering system with A.G.M. (Advanced Gathering Machine)
  • Crafting system
  • Enchantment system

How many languages are in the game?
For now only English.

Will my Open Beta progress be carried over to launch?
No, the progress will be wiped between Open Beta and launch.

Can I share, talk, post, and create content for streaming?
You are allowed during the Open Beta to record, post images or videos and stream the game. It’s not allowed to use our game for commercial projects. It’s allowed to monetize your projects with ads, sponsorships or subscriptions on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Patreon or similar.

Please use our game content in tasteful projects provided free of charge to the game community.

Will I have to redownload the game on launch?
Yes, the game has to be downloaded again when we launch it.

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