Love is still in the air in Cinderstone Online! The Valentine’s Day chain quest event continues, and we’re excited to announce the Day 2 task that will be available starting from the 17th of February.

Day 2: Heartfelt Deliveries

Quest Title: “Heartfelt Deliveries” Objective: Deliver love letters to 10 different characters in the game world.

Description: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and Postman Pat has tasked you with a special delivery mission. You must deliver 10 love letters to different characters throughout the game world, spreading love and joy throughout the land.

Each love letter is addressed to a specific character, so be sure to deliver them to the correct recipient. You may need to travel to different towns, villages, and even across dangerous terrain to reach your destinations. Along the way, you may encounter obstacles, such as monsters or other hazards, so be prepared to defend yourself.



Quest Giver: The Love Guardian, located in the central plaza of the starting town.

To begin the quest, speak to The Love Guardian, who will provide you with the love letters and a list of the characters to deliver them to. Travel to each destination, deliver the love letter to the correct recipient, and defend yourself along the way.

We hope you’re having a great time spreading the love and completing each day’s tasks. Stay tuned for the announcement of the other three tasks, which will be revealed one at a time each day of the event.

Spread the Love

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love and appreciation throughout Cinderstone Online! With each completed task, you’ll be helping to bring joy to the game world and earning rewards along the way.

How to Participate

To participate in the Valentine’s Day chain quest event, simply log in to Cinderstone Online starting from the 16th of February. Each day, a new task will be revealed, which you can complete to earn rewards and progress through the event. The event is available to all players of Cinderstone Online.

The Love Guardian

Throughout the event, The Love Guardian will be the quest giver for each day’s task. To find The Love Guardian, head to the central plaza of the starting town. The Love Guardian will provide you with the necessary information to begin each day’s quest.

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Get your Founder’s Pack today to join us in Cinderstone Online and participate in the Valentine’s Day chain quest event. Let’s spread the love together!

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