Igniting the Spirit of Love and Adventure

Hello, dear players of Cinderstone Online! Get ready for an exciting Day 4 of our Valentine’s Day event, filled with colorful displays of affection and breathtaking spectacles! On this day, players will have the chance to express their love in a grand way, by creating a brilliant firework display. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a valuable item – the Black Larv – essential for empowering your weapon!

Task 1: Gathering the Ingredients for a Spectacular Display

To start this thrilling day, players will need to gather three special materials required for crafting a mesmerizing firework: Powder of Light, Essence of Colors, and Firestarter Leaves. By defeating bandits scattered throughout the world, you will be able to obtain these precious ingredients.

Task 2: Crafting the Firework with Spark Boomwhistle

Once you have collected all the necessary materials, players will visit the skilled pyrotechnician, Spark Boomwhistle, who will craft a spectacular firework for you to display your love and appreciation.

Task 3: Lighting up the Sky with Rosie Heartglow

Armed with your dazzling firework, players will travel to the perfect location, as suggested by a knowledgeable NPC, where Rosie Heartglow awaits. Together, you will light up the sky, creating a memorable and vibrant spectacle that celebrates love and friendship.

Reward: The Black Larv – Empower Your Weapon!

For completing this colorful quest, players will be rewarded with the Black Larv, a sought-after item necessary for enhancing your weapon. With this valuable reward in hand, you will be better equipped to face the challenges that await you in the world of Cinderstone Online.


Join the Enchanting Day 4 Event

Don’t miss out on this captivating event, which brings players together to celebrate love and camaraderie in an awe-inspiring display of fireworks. Join us in Cinderstone Online and experience the magic of the Valentine’s Day event, with Day 4 setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Wishing You Love, Joy, and Brilliant Adventures

Happy adventuring, and may your journey be filled with love, joy, and the most vibrant of experiences! Remember, Cinderstone Online is still in beta, and you can support us by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. By becoming a founder, you’ll gain instant access to the beta, including this special Valentine’s Day event and the chance to obtain the powerful Black Larv.

Ready to join the adventure? Head over to our online store to purchase your Founder’s Pack and dive into the world of Cinderstone Online today!

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