Cinderstone Online: Official Release Announcement

After an extensive beta period of nearly a year, we are thrilled to announce the official release of Cinderstone Online on September 5th. Throughout the beta, we’ve listened to your invaluable feedback, made significant changes, introduced exciting new features, and even adjusted our pricing. Here’s what you can expect:

New Pricing from Release: Starting September 5th, in response to your feedback, the price of Cinderstone Online will be reduced from €24.99 to €14.99/$14.99. As a token of our appreciation, those who purchased the game at a price higher than €14.99 prior to this date will receive two exclusive pets worth €17.

A New Beginning for All Players: To ensure a fair and exciting experience for everyone, we’ve conducted our first and only wipe. All beta progress has been reset. Starting from the early access on September 2nd, every player will embark on their journey from scratch, setting the stage for new adventures and rivalries.

Major Features for Release:

Player Leveling: 🎯 The player cap is now set at level 20. Upon reaching this, you can unlock a new subclass. Beyond this, your journey will pivot towards enhancing player skills (up to a max of 255) and finding formidable weapons and armor.

High-Risk Maps: 🗺️ Dive into maps filled with rare resources and intense PvP combat. These zones feature control points for guilds or solo players. Secure a point, and you’ll get a 30-minute safe period to set up defenses with our innovative free-building system.

Resource Collection: 💎 Once you’ve fortified an area, your guild will receive rare resources every five minutes, directly sent to your guild’s map node. This time also allows for uninterrupted AGM resource collection, given your defenses stand strong.

Death Consequences: 💀 Dying in a high-risk zone might result in the loss of your epic gear (regular items remain safe). Nearby players can then claim these.

Castle Conquests: 🏰 Our castle conquest feature is almost ready! Guilds can try to seize castles weekly, with successful attempts granting a portion of all in-game player transactions and resource collection.

Moreover, there’s a plethora of additional features and maps to explore compared to the beta.

Early Access: Starting today, you can download the game and create your character to reserve your name. We’re also offering a brief early access on September 2nd. However, most of the new features will be activated on the official release date, September 5th.

We cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support and feedback throughout this journey. Dive into the vibrant world of Cinderstone Online and protect it from the wrath of powerful gods!

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