Halloween event

We’re excited to announce our new Halloween event!
Starting today, players can participate in a special event quest to earn spooky rewards.
Complete the quest and you’ll earn special Halloween hats!
These hats will be account-bound and every year they’ll have new rewards. In order to collect them all, you should go in-game! The special hats won’t be wiped before release!
The event will also feature special Halloween decorations in all of the game’s cities and login screen. So whether you’re trick-or-treating with your guildmates or raiding a castle, make sure to check out the festive decorations.
We hope you enjoy the event!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Cinderstone Online.

Chapter 2 preview

The last week has been busy for us. We’ve added a small preview of Chapter 2 in Cinderstone Online, new monsters in Wellington, and many bug fixes!
Next week, we’ll be adding chapter 2 part 2, and a new dungeon.

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