Introduction: A Celebration of Love and Friendship Hello, dear players of Cinderstone Online! We are excited to announce the grand finale of our Valentine’s Day event, which is set to make your in-game experience even more heartwarming and memorable! On Day 5, players will embark on a journey to create a special gift for our beloved character, Rosie Heartglow, by collecting Memory Fragments from villagers all around the world. These fragments symbolize the love and friendship that fills the land of Cinderstone Online.

Memory Fragment Collection: Connecting with the World To begin this final day, players must first gather 5 Memory Fragments from various villagers located in Cinderstone, Fallowglen, and Wellington. But beware, one fragment has been stolen by a powerful monster named Rocky, and players will need to defeat this foe to retrieve it.

Crafting the Memory Memento: A Heartfelt Keepsake With all the Memory Fragments in hand, players will then return to The Love Guardian, who will craft the enchanting Memory Memento, a heart-shaped crystal representing the love and friendship shared throughout the world.

Delivering the Gift and Earning a Reward: A Sweet Token of Gratitude Once the Memory Memento has been crafted, players will deliver the precious gift to Rosie Heartglow. As a token of gratitude for completing this journey of love and friendship, players will be rewarded with a charming item – the Chocolate Blossom Headband.

GoldExperienceChocolate Blossom Headband

Chocolate Blossom Headband: A Stylish Celebration This stylish headband, adorned with a chocolate flower and a small red heart at its center, is a sweet way to celebrate the connections made during your adventures in Cinderstone Online.

Join the Heartwarming Event Don’t miss out on this heartwarming event, which is set to bring players together in a celebration of love and camaraderie. Join us in Cinderstone Online and experience the magic of the Valentine’s Day event, culminating in the unforgettable Day 5 quest. We can’t wait to see you there!

Wishing You Love, Joy, and Exciting Adventures Happy adventuring, and may your journey be filled with love and joy! Don’t forget, Cinderstone Online is still in beta, and you can support us by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. By becoming a founder, you’ll gain instant access to the beta, including this special Valentine’s Day event. Your support helps us continue to develop and refine the game, making it an even more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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