Hi Adventurers!

Today we will release a new patch for Cinderstone Online. We have fixed some bugs and added some new features. The most important thing is that we have wiped all gold off characters, books and receipts learned. You can find new books for crafting around the world in Fallowglen.

We have also added some new features:

  • We’ve added the first world boss test in Fallowglen. You can find the timer for when the boss will spawn by opening the map in game.
  • An enchantment system has been added. You can craft and find items you need to enchant in game, by killing dungeon bosses and world bosses. You can also find a rare book in Fallowglen by talking to a NPC you have to find.

Thank you for buying the founder’s pack and I hope you enjoy the game.

We’re going live on Twitch today at 22:00 CET to show you what’s next for Cinderstone Online!If you’re curious about what we’ve been working on, make sure to tune in! We’ll be answering questions and showing off some new features. See you then!

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