Greetings, brave Cinderstone adventurers!

We’re excited to present our latest development roadmap – “Path to Launch: A Development Journey.” This isn’t just a schedule of updates; it’s a compass guiding our shared journey from Early Access to Full Release.

Roadmap Overview

You’ll see we’ve divided our adventure into three parts – “Dawn: Immediate Horizons,” “Daylight: Future Expeditions,” and “Twilight: Farthest Frontiers.” Each represents a phase in our development journey and is filled with features and enhancements that we’re looking forward to bringing to Cinderstone Online.

The Path Ahead

Game development can be unpredictable – just like the wilderness of Cinderstone! While we’ve planned carefully, the features aren’t listed in order of priority, and some rely on others being completed first. It’s all part of the quest!

Adapting to Challenges

Our roadmap is a living, evolving entity, and we may need to add, alter, or remove features as we go. This means we’re listening, learning, and committed to making the best game possible.

Stay Connected

We’ll provide weekly updates to our roadmap, so you’ll always know what’s happening in the world of Cinderstone Online. Your support and feedback are invaluable to us, so please keep it coming!

Call to Action

Join us on this epic adventure and check out the full “Path to Launch: A Development Journey” roadmap. Let’s make Cinderstone Online an unforgettable experience!

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