Introducing Dynamic Trading

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming update to Cinderstone Online, featuring a new dynamic trading system. Our aim is to create a more immersive and realistic in-game economy. Now, supply and demand factors determine the prices of items within each node. Every week, the system recalculates item prices, providing a more balanced experience for players. You can also access a three-month price history graph, giving you an overview of market trends.

Global and Personal Merchant Quests

In addition to the dynamic trading system, we’re introducing merchant quests. These quests come in two types: global and personal. Global quests update every week and have a direct impact on the game world. For example, a flood in Fallowglen might cause a sudden demand for materials to repair the town’s bridge. Players can participate in these events and help restore the affected areas.

Personal quests, on the other hand, are daily tasks tailored to each player. The game generates these quests based on the current demand for specific items in different nodes. Completing personal quests rewards players with experience and in-game currency.

Player Orders: A New Way to Trade

To make trading even more interactive, we’re implementing a player order system. Players can place orders for items they want to buy, even if the node doesn’t currently sell those items. For instance, a player might place an order for 500 iron ore at a specific price.

Other players can view these orders and choose to fulfill them by transporting the desired items from another node or gathering them in the order’s node. Once the order is complete, the buyer receives a notification, and the items appear in their local stash at the node. This feature encourages cooperation among players and adds another layer of depth to the game’s economy.

Closed Beta and Founder’s Pack

As a reminder, Cinderstone Online is currently in closed beta. If you’re eager to dive into our immersive MMORPG world and experience these exciting new features firsthand, consider purchasing the Founder’s Pack. By acquiring the Founder’s Pack, you’ll gain immediate access to the closed beta and receive some exclusive in-game rewards.

Join Our Discord Community

Don’t forget to join our official Cinderstone Online Discord server! Our community is a fantastic place to meet fellow players, discuss game-related topics, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements. Our team is also active on the server, ready to listen to your feedback and answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to see you there!

In conclusion, the upcoming update for Cinderstone Online MMORPG promises a more engaging and dynamic gaming experience. With dynamic trading, merchant quests, player orders, and more, we’re confident that these features will enhance your in-game adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to our world, and don’t forget to grab your Founder’s Pack and join our Discord community!

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