Greetings, Cinderstone adventurers!

We’re delighted to announce that Patch 0.220 is now live! This update brings a range of bug fixes and new features to improve your Cinderstone experience. As always, we thank you for your valuable feedback that has helped shape these changes.


  • Added pickaxe and axe books to the Wellington NPC: Get ready to expand your equipment library!
  • Added collectibles! Be on the lookout and collect them all – future updates will enable these to unlock unique character titles!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed brushes not dropping twigs: Your brushes are now more cooperative!
  • Fixed mushrooms not dropping seeds: Mushroom farming is back on track.
  • Fixed issues where some dungeons may not unlock: Nothing should stand in the way of your adventures.
  • Fixed some scrollbars within the node UI for smoother navigation.

Your feedback is crucial in our ongoing quest to make Cinderstone Online the best it can be. Feel free to let us know how these updates are working out for you.

Happy adventuring!

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