Patch note – Content patch: Node Reputation and Solo Dungeons

Welcome to the latest content patch for Cinderstone Online Closed beta! In this patch, we’ve added new features and made changes to improve your experience.
We could not have finished the trailer for Cinderstone Online without your help! It was a long night, but it was worth the hard work. The trailer will be awesome and we are so excited to share it with you next week.

Patch available to download

In our content patch, we have introduced Node Reputation and finally, you can play dungeons solo if you want to play the main story by yourself.

  • Introduction of Node Reputation in Fallowglen. Node reputation will be added in Wellington next week, at the same time as chapter 2 is introduced.
  • Node Fallowglen will start at level 1 and only one NPC is available.
  • You can gain reputation doing daily quests you can get interacting with the node.
  • You can choose only to do 3 node quests every day.
  • Every node quest you do will help the node to level up
  • The invasion will start every day. If you fail to defend the node it will level down. If it becomes level 0 the node will be destroyed and you need to rebuild it.

You can now play Dungeons alone or with a smaller party than four people. You can finally beat the game solo without waiting for someone else to show up.

We have fixed also main quests and some secondary quests.

  • Pvp damage is 2x
  • Fixed AGM not spawning monster bug
  • Fixed a bug where the player could walk out of bounds in Gwydeon’s Labyrinth
  • Fixed death zone/landing point in Highsommer Plains
  • Update AGM safe zones in Highsommer Plains and Willowisp
  • Fixed Blackbart Fort clipping in roofs is no more possible
  • Update camera and terrain collision should not occlude partial world
  • Fixed in Willowisp players got stuck on a rock next to Wellington
  • Fixed Spelling in UI and descriptions


We hope you enjoy these changes! As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below or on Discord.

Next patch

This is just the start! Over the next few days, we’ll be working on fixing bugs, polishing things up, and changing some of the basic class skills.
For the next build, we will also be fixing bugs related to sieges and guilds. In particular, we’ll include a new feature for castle owners: basic castle management!
Who will be the first guild to own Cinderstone Castle?

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