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Unravel the story of Cinderstone Online, a cute and colorful MMORPG by protecting the world from the rivalry gods wanting their stolen lands back. Climb your way for glory, from farming, trading, conquering and becoming the ruler of a region. Join friends and be the leader of a great guild. Explore and find new locations filled with rewarding loot and mysteries to uncover.



  • Conquer or defend your castle with your guild and ally and manage your region in a persistent world
  • Manage nodes and towns in your region with the help of the community and collect gold from taxes
  • Travel with your caravan and with friends and sell your goods to distant towns in a Merchant - Guards vs Thief PvP adventure!
  • Take part on big adventures with the community and NPC that may change the world based on your actions
  • Take part in big persistent world bosses raids, get achievements and big loot!
  • Experience a 2.5D action non-target action combat with the holy trinity system.
  • Buy your own house and garden, manage it, customize it and grow plants. Cook or sell for money.
  • Take part on fantastic 4 players instanced dungeons
  • Create or join a guild. Make friends, join together in big battle pvp with other guilds or complete PvE content together
  • Gods from a parallel dimension have appeared in our world and only a hero can defeat them! Will you be the brave player who brings peace back to Fioresia?
  • Be a fisherman, a miner, lumberjack or a farmer. Level up different life skills, discover rare items, unlock all achievements and make tons of money!
  • Discover a fantastic open world with many mini-games, jumping puzzles, and secrets! Exploration is a main component of Cinderstone Online.


There are currently no trailers available for Cinderstone Online. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (62MB)
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berzerk M-HR.png
priest F-HR.png
warlord F-HR.png
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marksman M-HR.png
berzerk F-HR.png
conjurer M-HR.png
assassin M-HR.png
arbalist M-HR.png
arbalist F-HR.png
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harkonien M-HR.png
cleric M-HR.png
marksman F-HR.png
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guardian F-HR.png
guardian M-HR.png
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Cinderstone Online Credits

Daniel Hafner
Co-founder - 3D Artist - Music

Davide Moriello
Co-founder - software developer

Watcharid Alfie Nithisatienchai
2D artist / Game designer

Sumunthana Punthuchat
2D Animator

Yohann Miniere
Community Manager

Mark Aragona
Main story and quest designer

Sandra Ferri
VFX Artist

Trevyn from MLC
Sound designer


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