Hello everyone!

We’re back in action after a refreshing week off. During this time, Daniel has been working on the new maps while I (Davide) have dived back into developing the much-anticipated Tier 2 classes. The Tier 2 update is the biggest one for Cinderstone Online yet.

The current Tier 1 and its two maps have always served as a tutorial, a sandbox for us to experiment with various features and gain valuable feedback. But with the advent of Tier 2, we are stepping into a new world! We are glad to announce that new content will be rolling out more swiftly as many maps and dungeons are already set and ready to go. The introduction of Tier 2 classes will bring about a significant change in the gameplay dynamics, including monster damages and class stats. The much-awaited Tier 2 update will be live by next Friday. We expect a lot to test and balance, so be ready!

Meanwhile, I want to extend a huge thank you to Wasabe and Jakobson for their colossal effort in organizing the bug list on Trello. You can see the fantastic work they have done here: https://trello.com/c/Xp2o3Eqp/16-cant-enchant-weapons-in-last-48-slots

Now, let’s give you a sneak peek of the new areas that are coming up:


Located in the south of Cinderstone, Southerville has received an update for its town and watchtower. Even the water has had a quality upgrade.

Dungeon Ice Troll Cave:

Hidden somewhere in Mt. Helicon, the Ice Troll Cave is a sight to behold. The lighting creates captivating chromatic effects on the ice and fog, which have also received a quality boost.


Falkencrest can be a bit of a maze and turns spooky at night with its dense fog. The Dela Trees have received a visual upgrade. If you’ve been to the swamp zone in Wellington, you would have noticed it. Most importantly, Falkencrest is the area that will be opened up with the Tier 2 update next week!

Stay tuned for these exciting updates, and as always, thank you for your continuous support.

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