In Fioresia Online you can start a job with the Caravan system. There are three different jobs to choose: Guardian, Thief, Trader.

Every player can have one house and one garden in every region. When you have many different types of vegetables, fruits and other goods you also want to try to make money.
You can sell your goods to the local player market but for making more profits it’s better to start a caravan and sell your goods to another city or other nodes.
For start, you have to buy a horse and put all the items in the caravan. The map will show up and you need to select a seller in other nodes or another city. If nodes are not connected or there is an active war you cannot sell in it. Every node will have their requirement, will buy your items for more or less gold, the more valuable items you transport, the risk of being attacked will increase.

When you choose your seller it will also tell you the level of difficulty. There are 5 different levels. On the first 3 levels, only NPC thief will spawn in your journey but on each level, there will be more and a party of at last 3 players is recommended. On levels 4 and 5, even more, NPC thieves will attack you, and now other Players that choose to select a Job as a thief can also attack your caravan and steal your goods.

If you die and your caravan is destroyed all your goods will be dropped and you can try to recover them. On the first 3 levels, you will just lose a percentage of your goods. At level 4-5 another player dressed as a thief can steal everything you dropped.
If you successfully reach your destination, an NPC is waiting for you and he will trade your goods with money. Every successful trade will give you job exp. On every level, you will unlock new items for your job. For example a better horse, a better caravan, buffs…


Guardians in Fioresia Online are players that protect other traders. They can attack another player dressed at Thief at any time and thieves can also attack you at any time. You put your dress at the Guardian officer you can find in any node or city. You can join a caravan or roam in the most crowded areas where more traveler and thief will come to defend.
If you join a caravan you need to join the trader party. You can join a caravan at any moment and the trader can choose the percentage to give you if the trade is successful. If the trade is successful you get your cut and also experience in your job. You also get experience in killing NPC thieves or other players.


Thieves are there to attack other traders (with caravan level 4+) and guardians. If you find a trader with his caravan you can start attacking him and destroy it. When you destroy the caravan all the goods are dropped and you can start to loot it and sell in the black market.