Fioresia is an MMO-RPG set in an open world, with different mechanics: combat, PvP, conquering, farming, crafting, building.

Fioresia is an open-world multiplayer game. A visually cute world with lots of interesting and rewarding places to explore. Fight big bosses, enemies, solve puzzles, build your home, farm, create a guild to conquer a castle and more with, all your friends for the glory!

The game takes inspiration from great titles like My time at Portia, Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online.

Fioresia is an open world MMO-RPG with PvP mechanics. The visual style combining 2D and 3D graphics with cute characters is a result of a defining visual. It is immersive with details, highly customizable characters, pets, and a living world with a lot to discover. Starting as a nobody to become a leader and lord of a castle is a big task to achieve. From the ground up with a few coins in your pocket, climbing your way through missions, farming, building a guild with a lot of friends, discovering new places with forgotten stories to unfold.

Craft your tools, weapons, armors and enchant all with special elements.

The player can choose to follow the path to glory or simply farm and sell to merchants his harvested vegetables. You can buy a farm and expand it to become a greater farm, place personalized furniture and make it your own. Or simply create your warrior by crafting, buying the strongest combat setup. Or as an archer with long-range attack and speed. Or even a healer to help fight alongside warriors and archers in difficult battles.

You can go hunt, gather all kinds of materials and even go fishing.

The game will give a message for upcoming sieges PvP were defenders of a castle need to prepare the attack from other players. This event will have a time and place in one of the castles. Attackers need to reach the castle, destroy the gates and then inside the castle they must conquer the throne place for a specific time. There will be places you can enter only by unlocking the exploration of life skills at different levels. Once you enter these places there will be a special lore story to discover.

A lot of places will have platform elements and puzzles to make, so to reach the next area.

In the next weeks, we will give you more information about all the features of Fioresia.

Fioresia Online is a B2P MMORPG PC Steam